Statistical Analysis and Modeling

CAPSTONE offers of variety of techniques for the statistical analysis and modeling of retail and shopper/consumer data. The goal of all our statistical evaluations is to deliver results and insights in a manner that makes them real and understandable to all marketing and sales professionals, not just those who may have an extensive background in statistics.

CAPSTONE conducts statistical analyses of both cross-sectional (point-in-time) and time-series (longitudinal) data:

    • Analysis of Variance/Covariance (ANOVA/ANCOVA)
    • Multiple Regression Analysis
      • OLS Regression
      • Logistic Regression
    • Factor Analysis
    • Repeated Measures ANOVA/ANCOVA
    • Time Series Regression
    • Random Coefficient Regression
    • ARMA/ARIMA Models

Some Applications

  • Estimate net impact on retail sales/share of change in merchandising conditions (via controlled store test)
  • Determine drivers of overall customer satisfaction
  • Develop econometric demand or marketing mix models for forecasting
  • Derive estimates of price elasticity

Let Capstone

  • Work with your data and/or data we have collected on your behalf to perform analyses or model building utilizing the most appropriate technique.
  • Prepare a final report and/or a presentation that delivers results and insights in a clear and compelling manner